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Four Ingredients for Team Health, Pt. 1

Simon Sinek's tweet, "Leadership is not about being in charge. It’s about taking care of those in your charge," prompts a vital question about aligning character with action. Leaders often breed dysfunction as they fixate on proving themselves right, asserting their point, or rationalizing choices. When one leader wins, the others become casualties.

In a recent client meeting, a visionary named Matt argued to fire employees due to perceived shortcomings. As he persisted in justifying his position and attacked the manager for lacking the resolve to fire them, the team's engagement plummeted. The manager counter-attacked, highlighting the employees' strengths and sales pressures affecting quality assurance.

Matt's approach centers on control and victory, ignoring genuine care for his team. True leadership necessitates a shift. Firstly, genuine concern for the well-being of all team members must prevail, rooted in compassion. Secondly, prioritizing relationships over personal agendas is key. Neglecting these relationships leads to sacrificing others for personal gain. Third, establishing shared ground rules and a collective group identity fosters collaboration. Lastly, a culture of openness to correction and accountability solidifies this approach.

Cultivating compassion, relationships, identity, and correction (C.R.I.C.) fosters open dialog, vulnerability, and collaboration within teams. Embracing diverse perspectives becomes an asset, not a threat. Impulses are controlled, transforming interactions from adversarial to cooperative.

The team thrives when all members are focused on nurturing and guiding, rather than asserting authority. By embracing care, relationships, shared values, and openness to improvement, leaders create a resilient, healthy, performing team. These teams thrive and achieve uncommon results.

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