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Odigos  \ ō·dē·gōs \ ; Greek (ΟΔΗΓΟΣ)

: guide; leader

Are you missing that joy and passion you had when you first started your business adventure? 


Entrepreneurs often lose freedom as their business grows.  That's why experienced guidance with a fresh perspective is so valuable to help them make decisions with confidence on their journey.  


As your guide, I remove confusion about which direction to take and relieve you from the anxiety about the path ahead.  Using the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) you will gain clarity and team support, ensuring a smoother trek. 


Experience growth, freedom, and joy on your adventure.  As a result, you will have a healthy & focused leadership team and organization that makes continual progress toward achieving everything in their vision.

Brent Stromwall, PE, PMP

EOS Implementer

Brent Stromwall EOS Implmenter

I have walked in your shoes and been on this same path as you.

Like most entrepreneurs, I’ve lacked clarity - not knowing which direction to go, or been paralyzed with the thought of making the wrong decision.  At times, I was too overwhelmed "in" the business to clearly see what needed to be done "on" the business.


As an owner and executive with over 30 years of experience, I have been challenged to replace 90% of our revenue, rebrand and gain market share, and create and execute new strategies to ensure growth. 


With my history of leading and facilitating strong leadership teams, developing and implementing strategic plans, disciplined processes, and my passion to help others find joy in their success, my real-life experiences are invaluable to guide you on your journey so that you get the most from your business. 


Like mine, your business can achieve 15X growth.  With you and your leadership team, we will address six key areas of your business to align your organization on your vision, develop and execute strategy, make values-based people-centered decisions, choose and implement the best KPIs to track and forecast your business, resolve issues, improve quality and efficiency in your processes, and nurture a culture of trust and accountability.

Interested in learning from my experience?
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