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Appreciation + Process = Satisfaction

Ever wonder what makes customer service truly outstanding? Well, it's not just luck! It's all about being intentional, especially when it comes to showing appreciation and having solid processes in place.

First off, genuine appreciation for your customers should be ingrained in everything you do. It's not just a box to tick; it's part of your company's culture.

Then there's the process side of things. You want your customers to know exactly what to expect, right? Having clear processes ensures just that, making sure you're consistently delivering on your promises.

It all starts with you, the leader. In their book titled "The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace," Gary Chapman and Paul White talk about how showing appreciation to your employees and team members can lead to higher customer satisfaction. It's like a chain reaction! When you effectively demonstrate genuine appreciation to your team, they pass on that good energy to your customers, and everybody wins.

Companies running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) rely on their Proven Process and Core Processes to keep customers happy. The Proven Process lays out what your customers can expect when they choose to work with you, while your Core Processes make sure everyone's on the same page, getting the important stuff done the right way every time.

When your team feels the love and knows exactly what they need to do, they don't just aim for satisfied customers—they go above and beyond!

If you’re wondering how to boost appreciation or document you processes shoot me an email. Let's chat!

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