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I Will Bless You

A friend of mine asked me these questions as he toiled with the issue for himself, and for those close to him who value his perspective: “Is the PPP loan God’s provision through the instrument of government? Or is the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loan our dependence on the State, which could impair our reliance on, and ability to hear, God’s voice and work in our lives?”

Here is my response. I trust that this speaks well to you and am eager for your feedback.

Here’s my $0.02, in two parts.

First, God provides for His children – all mankind – using myriad methods, several of which are documented in His Word. My belief is that His Word does not document for us every single way, and therefore, I cannot (should not) box Him into only what I’ve read.

The PPP loan is, in my perspective, akin to several manners (although not exactly the same) He used to provide for a few well-known children. One example of this is when Abram traveled to Egypt with Sarai. Pharaoh “treated Abram well for her sake, and Abram acquired sheep and cattle, male and female donkeys, male and female servants, and camels,” Genesis 12:16. Later, Abraham, was given “sheep and cattle and male and female slaves” by Abimelek – king of Gerar, Genesis 20:14. In both cases Abraham did nothing to “deserve” this provision. In fact, both were a result of Abraham’s deception to the government officials. All of this occurs AFTER God promises Abram “I will make you into a great nation…” I see similar examples of provision to His chosen Israelites through war – plundering and pillaging.

Although I don’t condone stealing from a neighboring nation or lying about who your wife is in order to gain financial favor from the government, the principle is this: God chose to bless Abraham because of Abraham’s faith. And despite Abraham’s behavior, he received from God. You (we) are blessed by God because of our faith in the forgiveness given to us by the death of Jesus. God will use whatever means He chooses to affect that blessing. It may come through the harvest of a season(s) of labor. It may come from a “lucky” guess at an investment choice. It may come through gifts from others – including government officials.

Second, Abraham did not become dependent on either of these two officials or nations. Why not? Simply, because he chose not to. He relied on God as his provider – just like you and I. And while the intent of certain government officials may be to cause us all to become more dependent on the government, we, too, can choose not to.

Every morning I thank God for His provision for me and my family, not the members of Congress. I suggest you graciously receive what God has placed in your hands (whether from your clients or the government), steward it well, and thank and honor Him in the process.

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