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“I Simply Don’t Know What to Do Next.”

I had a 90-minute meeting (the first step on your EOS® journey) with a client's team just a few weeks ago. As we got started, the owner, (who I'll call Jason), made some brief introductions and explained a little about what he was expecting from having his team engage with me. He summarized with this statement: "I simply don't know what to do next."

"Wow," I thought, "here's a humble leader willing to be vulnerable in front of his team!" I've worked with many leaders over the years, and this is a rare quality – but one that creates an outstanding culture in the organization.

Two thoughts stood out to me. One, Jason truly exhibited humble, servant-leader qualities. Although he was leading the organization, managing people, clients, money, etc., he didn't think of himself above anyone else. He just happened to have the title of "owner" on his card. And he didn't believe that meant he has all the answers, or he is always right. To him, it simply meant that he had to go find the answers – get a guide to help him.

Which brings me to my second point: Jason had the mindset that change was absolutely necessary for him and his business – and he welcomed it. He knew that in order to gain the benefits for himself, his employees, and his business, he had to be more than merely open to change – he had to institute the change in a disciplined fashion, starting with himself.

I've talked with some leaders who cast great vision, and put a lot of words to what "it" will look like in the future. But they aren't willing to change from where they are today. Without efforts to have a business sherpa or consultant, this will limit the opportunity and results.

To get the most of your business and free yourself – and others – up to work in their strengths and gifting, you must both welcome, and be excited about change. Chip & Dan Heath wrote in their book, Switch, "A moment of pain can be a tremendously important human experience." What does this tell us? Don't let the pain overwhelm you or your employees. And if it does, call me. I've been down this path before, and know how to bring healthy change to free you up, and bring joy back into your business.

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