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Entrepreneurial Operating System® Process

The EOS Process™ provides a proven method to create vision and goals for your business, align your leadership team and master the EOS Tools and approach so that you can gain Traction™ in your business.


Quarterly Meetings

Stay on track and create Traction in your business.

2-Day Annuals

Celebrate progress and set goals for next year.

90 Minute Meeting

With you and your leadership team.

3 Alignment Days

Create a Vision & Plan for your business and master the EOS Tools and process.

How is your business really doing?
What's a 90 Minute Meeting?

The 90 Minute Meeting is a time for us to meet and learn about each other.  You learn about me and EOS®.  I will describe the EOS Tools, lay out the EOS Process and objectives, and provide you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not EOS is right for you.  I also get to meet your leadership team and learn about your challenges and goals for the business.  I want to learn about you, your team and business so that I can decide if EOS is right, and I'm a good fit to work with you.

Then What?

After the 90 Minute Meeting, if you decide the process is a fit for you and your organization, we will move forward with three Vision Building Days - the Focus Day®, and Vision Building Day 1 and Day 2.  During these full-day sessions and the 30 days in between each, your team will learn and master the EOS tools and methods while creating vision and goals for your business.  Everyone will be aligned on the direction, goals, and their role.  We will address:

  • Core Values

  • Core Focus®

  • 10-Year Target

  • Marketing Strategy

  • 3-Year Picture®

  • 1-Year Plan

  • Rocks

  • Issues List


We will build Traction as we meet together for your Quarterly every 90 days.  We will continue to monitor progress toward your goals while identifying and resolving issues.  A culture of trust and accountability is nurtured as your team and business become stronger and healthier. 


During the two-day Annual, we will review the past year and set new goals for the upcoming year.  Your business will gain Traction and you will gain freedom as your vision is adopted with accountability throughout your organization. 


My guarantee: If you don't believe you received 100% value out of a session day, you simply don't pay.

Is EOS right for you?
What does EOS do for your business?

Aligning everyone in your organization creates momentum and Traction.  EOS® works in any entrepreneurial business in any industry. It holistically addresses all issues to help clarify your direction, leverage your people and your data, create scale and build momentum. 

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