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"I Don’t Need More on My To-Do List"

One of my first clients for EOS was initially hesitant about taking his business – and himself – through some exercise that would create more for him to do. As he put it, “I don’t need more on my to-do list.” Over breakfast we talked about his plight and his need to gain freedom back in his life.

This is a tell-tale sign that an owner/entrepreneur needs to consider a business management system, like EOS®, for their business. When an owner is overwhelmed with their own involvement in the business, and not able to take the time to think and work on the business, they and their business tend to hit a plateau - well short of the summit they're trying to achieve.

In addition, this client expressed an interest to sell his business within 5 years. Only because he has known me for 10 years did he not slap me when I told him that he was limiting his own ability to increase his equity value. So much of his business depended on him that in order to sell it, the new owners would want him – a highly compensated leader – to remain in the business, thus lowering the price they’d be willing to offer.

Entrepreneurs have great ideas and tremendous drive to create a business based on their passion and gifts. The power of the entrepreneur is what drives innovation and the economy in the US. Of the nearly 30 million companies in the US, 99% are small businesses. And they employ nearly 50% of the employee workforce in America. Eventually, as the small business grows, the need for leadership extends beyond the capacity of the leader. He needs to raise others in the business who are aligned with his vision – where it’s going and how they’re going to get there – to take some of the load and carry the banner. And as the load is shared, so is the responsibility and accountability. When the entire team has the right system – training and tools, and applies discipline to achieve their agreed-upon goals, then the owner can start to back away, with confidence.

Schedule a call with me to learn more about how I help owners gain freedom from their businesses, and return to the joy and passion that they once had, and increase the equity value of their business.

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