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"Is This Going to Be Uncomfortable?"

"Is this going to be uncomfortable?" Someone from the leadership team for one of my clients asked me this question recently. "Yes," I said, "there are times when our conversations will be a little uncomfortable."

Knowing her temperament, I recognize that my reply didn't provide her reassurance. It's true, the EOS® journey creates discomfort in many. Why? Because we are changing the way the leadership team leads and manages the business. And many people aren't comfortable with change. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Fear of the unknown – Fear is an extremely strong negative motivator. Fear is an emotion, not a logical decision. So, it's important for a person to "feel" that change is required, and perhaps, better than doing nothing.

  2. Lack of competency – I have found that this is more rooted in pride than fear. Most people want to believe or be perceived that they are good at their jobs. Changing what they do or how they do it could affect their confidence, and whittle away at their pride – their sense of ability to do well.

  3. Effort vs. Rewards – Some people may not believe (at least early in the EOS journey) that the effort required to make changes is worth the reward (if any). This is understandable for a while, as long as the person is not working against the rest of the team. Those who are late adopters will likely see the potential benefits, but this takes time.

While there are many other reasons for resisting change: misunderstanding, not being consulted, or poor communication are the three primary ones for a leadership team.

The wise thing for the leadership team to do is to expect and plan for this resistance.

As an EOS Implementer, part of my role is to create the discomfort, and expect there will be resistance. So, when asked if this is going to be uncomfortable, the answer is always "Yes." I don't sugar-coat the process. Rather, I make everyone aware that change will occur. That change will be uncomfortable, and we need to be prepared for the resistance. To ensure that change is successful requires that it is addressed in both an emotional and a rational manner. And as a strong leadership team, you will become stronger as a result of helping each other along the journey.

Let's talk about where you are on your journey and how I might be able to help.

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