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Guiding owners to regain joy and freedom while growing their businesses

Do you feel like you're at an impasse, or lost on your journey?

Entrepreneurs are often too overwhelmed with running their business to plan for what lies ahead, paralyzed with too many options, or lack clarity about which path to take.
As a Professional EOS Implementer® with over 30 years of executive leadership experience, I can help you regain your passion and freedom, and enjoy your journey of leading and growing your business.

Confused about
what to do next?


Can't put a finger on why your business is stagnant?

Wondering which direction or idea is best?


Frustrated that team members aren't working from the same playbook?

Overwhelmed with
the day-to-day?


Don't have time to think about strategy or

long-term goals?

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"For more than ten years, Brent has been a close personal friend and confidante. He is an intentional husband, father, and businessman. He brings his decades of operations and organizational leadership experience to the table in every engagement. I've found him to be a trusted resource and sounding board, and am honored to offer this endorsement."

Randy Brunson

CEO, Centurion Advisory Group

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